10 April 2012


1. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and click Windows Easy Transfer. 
2. In the Welcome to Windows Easy Transfer, click Next
3. Click Continue a transfer in progress
4. Click No, I’ve copied files and settings to a CD, DVD or other removable media
5. Click On an external hard disk or network location
6. Click Browse… to locate the F.A.S.T ( Files and Settings Transfer Wizard) data store. Note that the default* name USMT2.UNC should be used for the store folder.
7. Select Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (*.DAT) from the drop-down box. Then locate the .DAT file (IMG0000n.DAT).
8. Windows Easy Transfer detects the F.A.S.T store and offers to recover files (not settings) to a folder named OldFolder on your C drive. Click OK to continue.
9. When you see the message Transfer is Complete, you’ve now recovered the files from Files and Settings Transfer Wizard store! The files are extracted to a folder named OldFiles in the C drive. 

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